Statically Indeterminated Bridges

Statically Indeterminated Bridges
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Product Description

  • These bridges feature joints on supports, achieving continuous lengthwise action.
  • Innovation in prefabrication techniques in the early 90s.

Main Characteristics

  • Connections between beams made of post-tensioned high strength steel bars and subsequently injecting mortar grout in the joint.
  • Longer span lengths with smaller depths are covered by a continuous deck.
  • Solutions using box girders and U-beams provide the deck with the advantages of closed sections and facilitate the implementation of the joints within them.

Types Of Structures Where It Can Be Used

  • Used in straight and curved bridges.
  • Thanks to the pier continuity, solutions with single supports per pier can be made when box girders are used.
  • They are used in solutions with variable depth (parabolic and straight) and constant depth.
  • Used in statically indeterminate solutions in building construction when slabs bear heavy loads.

Main Applications

  • They improve the dynamic behaviour of rail bridges.
  • In bridges with statically indeterminate solutions for high speed railways, span lengths of up to 40 metres are covered.
  • If halved supports or temporary shorings are used for joints between beams, span lengths of up to 80 metres can be reached for road bridge decks.


  • In decks with heavy loads, very rigid deck solutions are achieved, observing the minimum depth.
  • The lack of joints between beams considerably improves the aesthetics of the deck and the comfort when passing over.
  • The contribution of the negative moment on the pier makes it possible to transform the beam load to a positive moment in decks with heavy load requirements, allowing for wider span lengths and reduced depths.
  • There is less vertical movement, and deflection and dynamic effects are reduced.

Construction Details

  • Span lengths between supports ranging from 25 to 45 metres if the joints between beams are on pier, and longer if joints are half-lap.
  • Enables a single support solution to be applied on box girder piers.

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