Global Network

International presence in continuous expansion

Pacadar through its subsidiaries, offices and representatives network has a large international presence, with precast concrete manufacturing plants and offices in Spain, UK, Middle East, Australia and Americas

From our headquarters located in Madrid (Spain), we are expanding our international presence and strengthen our international partnerships through strategic alliances and framework contracts with many contractors and other large and prestigious multinational corporations.

PACADAR has been registered and qualified by the main construction and EPC companies and keeps an up-to-date track of new projects and goals in the precast concrete field.

In addition to those agreements, PACADAR runs many R&D projects with prominent academic and research institutions of the sector.

We are committed to grow and to serve more customers, constantly making our products and services even better. Operating worldwide enables us to better understand the challenges that our customers face, and to provide even better solutions.

 Our international experience

Today, approximately 80% of our revenues come from international projects, making us a truly global enterprise.

we have supplied structural tunnel segments for Riyadh Metro in Saudi Arabia, all infrastructures and superstructures of Puebla’s Toll Highway in Mexico, and all the carrying girders for lines 1 and 2 Elevated Metro in Panama. We have also participated in the precast cover of the Terminal II of the International Airport in Kuwait, as well as manufactured and supplied the segments for the Thames Tideway and Long Itchington Wood tunnels, both in UK.

Currently, we continue to work in the United Kingdom, for the largest railway project carried out in Great Britain since Victorian times; the high-speed train (HS2), which, once completed, will link the more than 225 km that separate London from Birmingham.

We employ about 1.000 employees located in different cities around the globe, and we also have many prospective projects in our backlog which give us enormous possibilities for expansion and continuous growth in the next years all over the world.

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