Arch Bridges

Arch Bridges
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Product Description

  • Prefabrication makes it possible to create precast arches with minimal concrete sections and high performance of materials used.
  • Strict control over geometry and structural issues during the manufacture of the different parts of the structure in the factory.

Main Characteristics

  • Strict control over the geometry of the components.
  • Makes it possible to apply aesthetic surface treatments to the concrete.
  • Prefabrication makes it possible to build more quickly and simply than bridges built on-site.

Types Of Structures Where It Can Be Used

  • Three-pinned arches precast into two large semiarches.
  • Option of prefabricating not only the arch but also the deck and the deck support braces in the arch.

Main Applications

  • Prefabrication of the arch in bridges spanning around 100 m.
  • For arches with longer span lengths, prefabrication of the rest of the elements.


  • Avoids interference on the work-site and the need for complex on-site installations.
  • Shorter construction period, as the different components can be made in parallel.
  • The materials and pieces attained are fully checked prior to insertion in the deck. Quality assurance.

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