Underground Car Park In Torrejón De Ardoz, Madrid (Spain)

Underground Car Park In Torrejón De Ardoz, Madrid (Spain)

This project is a vertical 3-level underground car park with a depth around 10.23 m under ground level.

In the first stage, the car park was executed using exterior retaining walls and the roof was made with 63 cm deep roof slabs at ground level which counteract ground pressure and provide a floor that is absolutely free of columns and beams.

Finally, lower structural floors and ramps were executed with columns, rectangular, L- and T-beams, and 20 cm/40 cm deep slabs, all of them being precast concrete elements.

Project Data

  • Client: ASCAN
  • Owner: City Council of Torrejon de Ardoz
  • Year of completion: 2010
  • Contract value: €612,233.00
  • Products provided: columns, beam, rectangular, T- and L- beams, floor slabs, floor plates.
  • Precast volume: 2,477 m³

Solutions applied

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  • English (UK)