Sports Centre in Loriguilla, Valencia (Spain)

Sports Centre in Loriguilla, Valencia (Spain)

This is a single-floor building which houses a pavilion for sports purposes with a sports hall and a service area (administration, changing rooms and stands).

The sports hall area was built with columns supporting “Delta” A-shaped beams with a span of 31.64 m, and purlins. The total height of the building is 10.20 m above ground level.

For the service area, the stands were built with raker beams, hollow-core slabs and stand structure.

The perimeter enclosure was made with two types of 16 cm thick lightweight concrete panels, in white and grey, and all of them being smooth on the face side. For the main façades, the panels were positioned horizontally, while for the sides of the building they were positioned vertically and supported by the foundation.

Project Data

  • Client: COGESAR
  • Owner: City Council of Loriguilla
  • Year of completion: 2010
  • Contract value: €185,900.00
  • Products provided: columns, “Delta” A-shaped beams, rectangular beam, raker beam, panels, purlins, slabs, stands.
  • Precast volume: 443 m³

Solutions applied

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  • English (UK)