Sports Centre in Favara, Valencia

Sports Centre in Favara, Valencia

This is a single-floor building which houses a sports hall with a sports court, administration services, changing rooms and stands.

As regards the structure, the sports court area was built with columns supporting dual slope beams with 29.23 m span and purlins with a total height of 10.22 m above ground level.

The structural floor of the service area was built with a grid of columns, beams and hollow-core slabs with a total height of 3.79 m.

The perimeter enclosure was made with two types of lightweight concrete panels: one type

Project Data

  • Client: PROCYR Edificación y Urbanismo S.L.
  • Owner: Ayuntamiento de Favara
  • Year of completion: 2010
  • Products provided: Beams, Delta A-shaped beams, rectangular and Alpha beams, slabs, stand, purlin and wall panels.
  • Precast volume: 373 m³

Solutions applied

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  • English (UK)