Gredos San Diego School, Madrid

Gredos San Diego School, Madrid

This project is structured around a 7.500 m² basement, above which two L-shaped buildings are set, with a central courtyard between them.

Both buildings have two floors and a roof. The intermediate floors have been made with structural floor beams with L or T section, depending on the span length. For those areas with spans where it is impossible to use such prestressed beams, Pi beams are used instead and so lengths of up to 22.50 m can be covered.

The roof is single-pitched and consists of 10 m span rectangular beams and tubular purlins.

The height of the prefabricated structure reaches 17 m, being 5.00 m of them under ground level.

Project Data

  • Client: Construcciones M.S S.A
  • Owner: Gredos S. Diego S. Coop Madrid
  • Year of completion: 2008
  • Contract value: €1,600,000
  • Products provided: columns, beams, hollow-core slabs, wall panels
  • Precast volume: 2,700 m³

Solutions applied

  • Español (ES)
  • English (UK)