Building For Sadeco’s Environmental Complex, Cordoba (Spain)

Building For Sadeco’s Environmental Complex, Cordoba (Spain)

The activity carried out in this building involves monitoring the humidity conditions of compost over its fermentation process and prevent leachate generation during rain events.

In the light of the limits imposed by the developer, and with the aim of providing a free surface enabling compost to be stockpiled and easily turned, “Delta” A-shaped beams (l=49.97 m and h=2.69 m) and I-beams (l=24.95 m and h=1.00 m) have been used to cover large span lengths, being supported by columns with a height of 11.00 m above ground level.

Prestressed tubular purlins with a depth of 30 cm have been used as a cover.

Due to the chemical conditions, the concrete used was manufactured with a mixture of 7% silica fume and a cover thickness of, at least, 4 cm for all the sections of the precast elements.

project Data

  • Cliente: ACSA Obras e Infraestructuras
  • Owner: City Council of Cordoba
  • Year of completion: 2010
  • Contract value: €685,026.00
  • Products provided: columns, “Delta” A-shaped beams, I-beams, rectangular beams, Purlin beam
  • Precast volume: 1,360 m³

Solutions applied

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  • English (UK)